Nursing Team

Nurse Practitioners

Rachel Stone

Julie Oliver

Clare Starling

The nurse practitioners are happy to see patients with a wide variety of problems including minor illness, minor injury and medication reviews plus most general health queries you may have. Nurse Practitioners are able to prescribe and refer onwards as required.

Physician Associate

Kate Daniels

Physician Associates are happy to see patients similar to that of Nurse Practitioners.

They are currently unable to prescribe, but would be happy to facilitate this for you with one of our prescribers.

Nurse Lead & Prescriber

Emma Chamberlain

Nurse Prescribers are experienced Practice Nurses who have taken extra qualifications to be able to prescribe.

Practice Nurses

Charlene Haynes

Joanne Booth

Emily Gorbould

Hannah Ellis

You may see the nurse or health care assistant for consultation, without seeing the doctor first. Nurses are responsible for vaccinations, annual reviews, contraception and sexual health advice, cervical screening, wound management/applying dressings, carrying out health checks, giving dietary advice and syringing ears. They do not deal with any eye problems or skin rashes minor illness or acute presentations.

Triage Nurse

Laura Forster


Sue Cripps

Phlebotomists take blood and do not carry out any other nursing tasks. Please request an appointment with them, if you need a regular blood test or one that the clinician has agreed.